Friday, September 22, 2006

Budapest Toilet

I'm fascinated by toilets of other regions. Truly, this may be my favorite thing about travel. Toilets are more or less the same, right, but there are slight differences in toilets wherever you go. Like when you go and help your sister move back to the States from Budapest, this is the toilet you use.

To clarify, that isn't water you see reflecting - it's the "continental shelf," the porcelin bottom of the the bowl, which is only a few inches below where your ass sits. A strong spray of water whooshes everything down (very efficiently, I might add), but to put it frankly, you poop on the porcelin.


With this toilet post, I announce my return to blogging. I'm back, but not for long because I'm off to Minnesota soon to deal with the still ongoing legal proceedings which you understand I cannot discuss.

But you should know I finished my second chapter and am making revisions on it as you read, ready to jump into the next chapter as soon as I clean up my argument regarding American Girl. I'm also working on a project for ATHE with Lisa that is VERY EXCITING. More on that later.

All this to say to my (one or two) dear readers, hang in there. I promise to post, especially once I'm finally settled in LA again!

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Intrepid Grad Student Labors Under the Watchful Eye of Percy Grey

Still writing. In a moment of procrastination, of which there are many, I decided to show the world my new do.