Monday, September 17, 2007

I am a terrible friend, sister, daughter, knitter, and blogger

I am in the final stages of the diss, about 20 pages to go on the last real chapter, a conclusion chapter (which, I've already determined, will be short and sweet), loads of revisions, some images, and a defense.

I'm also fighting the clock. I MUST finish this chapter this week. I MUST get a defense date scheduled, and this defense date MUST be before the end of the year or else my committee chair will scuttle back to Rome and the whole thing will delayed until Fall 2008. Which is unacceptable.

And so I am head-down, trying to finish. And therefore I can only send sporadic emails to whomever happens to send me an email first (reply is so much easier than compose), make occasional phone calls only to my parents (I don't want them to worry; I figure everyone else can deal), knit nothing, and, well, write this one post and this one post alone.

But here's a recap of what's been happening in the months since I posted:
  • ATHE was a success and New Orleans was fun
  • My honey and I vacationed in Maine and Nova Scotia - amazing!
  • I started back up on the yoga
  • I went back to smoking, quit, and now occasionally smoke
  • My honey and I did an amazing group ride over the historic bridges of downtown LA
  • We cast our play
  • I started a dramaturgy blog for the show
  • I agreed to write an article in the middle of this diss-ness
  • My honey and I chanced upon a Punk Rock Puppet Show and Spoken Word event on a corner in Koreatown
I'm sure there's more, but that's what I remember right at this moment. And now, back to the diss.