Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Final January Check-In

Whoops! The month has slipped away from me, filled as it was with way too many ups and downs. The ups: Will Power (Hip Hop Theatre, not self help) workshop and interview in Minneapolis, fun catching up with family and friends, the end of my immediate financial woes in sight. The downs: not enough writing, not enough money, lingering feelings of disconnect. Sometimes Los Angeles makes me feel like the stupid, plain girl mooning around at the back of the high school cafegymatorium at the big dance, bad sound echoing around her and the bad lighting making her feel all the more conspicuous.

Friday, January 05, 2007

It's Happening

For New Year's Eve, my honey and I drove down to San Diego. We got off the 5 to get gas and decided to take the old 101 through lots of small beach towns, driving south with the ocean immediately to our right. It was a really awesome diversion.

We got to our hotel on Harbor Island (a.k.a. the airport, but a randomly picturesque and peaceful airport at that), which we had hotwired for cheap; our room was in a unattached side tower not anywhere near the main hotel, which was great because the main hotel was full of people in fancy hoochie dresses ready to ring in 2007 at the Airport Sheraton. That is to say, not our kind of people. After smuggling our contraband booze into the room (no outside alcohol allowed), we pretty much holed up inside, drinking, talking, relaxing. At midnight, we popped the champagne and watched the fireworks over the harbor from our patio. We screamed "Happy New Year" into the night, and people we couldn't see who were standing on their balconies watching the fireworks screamed back. It was perfect.

The next day, we dallied in San Diego for a bit, walking along the harbor and strolling through Balboa Park before heading back to LA, up the coast on the 101 again until we had to get back on the 5.

On the way back into the city, my honey asleep beside me as I drove in the early evening, I saw the downtown skyline (a beautiful skyline) and thought, "We're home."