Thursday, July 19, 2007

Things That Have Happened; Hollywood Bowl

I've been busy:
  • Organized for ATHE
  • Made a quick trip back to Minnesota
  • Directed a staged reading at NOTE that went off really well
  • Suffered from an unpleasant stomach bug
  • Wrote a few more pages
  • Went crazy, got uncrazy
Hollywood Bowl:

Mark this under events that could only happen in Los Angeles. We scored box seats - box seats! (Thanks Richie!) - to the Hollywood Bowl for Cafe Tacuba. Imagine the most beautiful summer night you could ask for, a nice bike ride (with a deadly hill I had to walk my fixie up at the end), some delicious fizzy wine, a cool breeze, and 18,000 people grooving to the incredibly groovy sounds of this amazing band. The band only spoke really fast Spanish that I couldn't understand (although at least half of the audience could), but they laid down incredible beats that were universal in their commuinicative coolness. Me and my honey danced. So did the band. My honey acknowledged that he had a slight man-crush on lead singer "Pinche Juan," Ruben Isaac Albarran Ortega (because his spinny dance moves and Mush Mouth hat cannot be beat), while I preferred guitarist/keyboardist "Meme," Emmanuel del Real Diaz (because I like 'em long and lanky; cf. Adam "MCA" Yauch, Big George Hincapie, and most of all, my honey himself). The best part was seeing their smiles - and yes, we were so close that we could actually see them without the aid of the Jumboscreen - as they left the stage, knowing they had nailed this show just like everyone there knew they had nailed it.

So great.

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